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Kangabox is Boxing for kids in a fun & safe enviroment.

KANGABOX Book your kids in for this very popular class. KANGABOX is an 8-week program suitable for kids aged 8-12yrs. This class runs in sync with the school terms.

KANGABOX is heaps of FUN. The kids learn self-discipline, build confidence & develop life skills through boxing training.

8-week program for kids  8 - 12yrs

Mon & Wed 4.15 - 5pm


At PONDYS GYM all of our kid's classes run in sync with the state school terms. Not all schools start & finish terms on the same dates. 

I also acknowledge that the kids usually need a week to get back into a school routine, after the holidays.  

Our 8 week programs start 2nd week of school & end 2nd last week of school term.


Instructors are fully qualified and experienced professionals, We have Federal Police Clearances, Working With Children Checks & Snr 1st Aid qualifications.

We love the benefits that we've personally  experienced through Martial Arts & wish to share those benefits with your kids.



AM-PRO BOX Boxing 4 Fitness classes are a great way for both men & women to get fit, tone up, lose some weight, & learn real boxing skills. You will get a lot more out of it than you put into it. Build your fitness, skills & develop confidence along the way.

Mon & Wed 5pm - 6pm

Tue & Thur 5.30 - 6.30pm

Kung Fu Fighting Style. Deadly techniques take many years to Master.
XANDA Kickboxing

XANDA Kickboxing is a tried, tested & proven combat system. The best Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Kung Fu techniques that work. 

Train for FITNESS & FUN or train to FIGHT. The choice is yours, either way you'll be fitter, leaner, stronger, faster, smarter, harder & sharper than ever before.

XANDA Fighters compete in Full Contact Boxing, K1 Kickboxing, Sanda & Muay Thai tournaments locally, nationally & overseas. They TRAIN HARD, FIGHT SMART & always test themselves to the MAX.

Train with the current WBF Aussie Boxing & ISKA International K1 Kickboxing Champion Alan CHOP-STAR Pond, 5x Aussie Muay Thai & ISKA International K1 Kickboxing & Commonwealth Muay Thai Champion Marco MACHINE GUN Tentori.

XANDA is a tried, tested & proven evolving combat system. 

6pm Mon & Wed. 6.30 Tue & Thur. 10-12 Sat.


PH 9294 1769
Kung Fu Fighting Style. Deadly techniques take many years to Master.

Teens need a sense of acceptance, belonging, self worth, confidence, independence & smarts to make healthy choices & smart decisions. 

Healthy body = Healthy Mind,

Martial Arts training provides discipline, structure, fitness & friendship. It's also a fantastic way for teens to let off steam, develop focus skills & set realistic goals, while developing social skills.

What I teach works & your teens will develop the skills & confidence needed to protect themselves if required. The combative principles, skills and  techniques I teach have been tried & tested in the ring against some of the best Fighters in the world.


The class involves Partner work & group activities that help teens learn to respect & appreciate their effects on others. Strike Force provides the right combo of Fitness, Fighting Skills & FUN. 


Contact me directly 0450109205 to register your teen for Strike Force.

This 8-week program runs in sync with school terms. 13-17yr

Tues & Thurs 4.30 - 5.30pm

Flying knee Muay Thai style. Fighting


Kung Fu Fighting Style. Deadly techniques take many years to Master.
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At PONDY'S GYM I keep the prices realistic & affordable. I want to share what I love to do with you. There's way too many benefits to list here. All you've got to do is try.


I don't give away free lessons, free uniforms, black belts or any other fluffy stuff. 

I keep REAL You get RESULTS.


All students MUST bring a water bottle to class. NO WATER NO CLASS




We have gloves & gear you can use for trial classes, but encourage all students to obtain their own gear, for hygiene reasons. Gloves & personal equipment are available to purchase at the gym.


PONDY'S GYM is registered for KIDSPORT & can provide forms & assistance to apply.

Kickass Kickboxing Class. Ladies only self defence & fitness.



Ladies Only Kickboxing Class has been put on hold. We need more Ladies & girls to express their interest before this class can resume. This class could be held around 9am 2 or 3 times a week if there's enough interest. It's a great way to get fit, tone up, let off steam & make friends. If you & a couple of friends are keen to train together we'll see if we can get the class back. Contact me direct 0450109205.


         BEGINNERS KICKBOXING CLASS Kickboxing is the ultimate full body workout. XANDA will get you fit, strong, coordinated & will help you build confidence. The Beginners train with & learn from the Fighters. You can learn the basic skills in a progressive way.  XANDA is a tried, tested & proven combat system. It works in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Sanda & Street applications. Beginner-Intermediate.

Mon & Wed 6pm - 7pm. Tue & Thurs 6.30-7.30.


PH 9294 1769

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